Oblako MONO Phunnel L Shisha Bowl - Large

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Oblako MONO Phunnel L Shisha Bowl - Large

The stunning Oblako Mono Phunnel L Shisha Bowl stands out for its unique water drop design and pastel colour finish. This premium bowl is made with high quality Russian clay and features a glazed white top and provides an exceptionally smooth smoke. This phunnel bowl style stops juices from falling into the jar and is perfect for your favourite molasses, Ice Rockz or even Space Smoke flavours.

The ‘L’ in the title refers to the size as the Oblako Mono bowls are available in three different sizes. This is the large version of the bowl with a much deeper bowl to allow more flavour inside

Did we mention that it’s stunning to look at? Perfect to add to the collection!


  • Premium Oblako handcrafted shisha bowl made using Russian clay.
  • Fantastic performance providing a smooth smoke.
  • The bowl holds around 20 - 22 grams depending on your packing method.
  • Can be used with foil or a heat management device such as the Kaloud Lotus I+ / Apple On Top Provost 2.

Please note: As each Oblako Mono Phunnel L Shisha bowl is individually handmade, no two bowls will look the same and may differ slightly from the product photo.


Width: about 8 cm
Height: about 11.6 cm
Depth: about 1.2 cm
Volume: about 20-22 g