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If you like your shisha to be to be sweet and succulent, Mazaya is the perfect choice to go for!

Over many years, Mazaya shisha brand, has gained its reputation as one of the finest brands of Shisha flavours, have now finally unleashed the next evolution of Shisha flavours, Now Mazaya has turned their attention to the UK Market.

Fresh & Original, UK Tax and Duty Paid - we offer Mixology 

Introducing Mazaya Molasses Mix.

Similar to Al Fakher RedMx, Adding the Mazaya Concentrated Liquid Molasses Mix 750g to Mazaya leaf pack 250g allows you to create 1Kg of fresh and fully flavoured shisha.

PLEASE NOTE: This product requires you to mix the flavour yourself and store for a minimum of 48 hours before you can smoke it. By splitting the Leaf from the juices the amount of tax that is needed to pay is greatly reduce meaning cheaper prices for flavours.


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