Collection: Aladin Shisha

The awesome Aladin Shisha Evolution range have been developed over the past three years in order to bring top quality shisha pipes that will satisfy all the needs of a demanding European customers.

Aladin Shisha Evolution Features:

  • Premium glass jar features an evolutionary Stem Screw in system instead of the more traditional push systems, this unique design ensures an air-tight seal and eliminates the need for rubber grommets
  • With an extra adapter (sold separately), you can easily attach an additional hose to allow 2 people to smoke together
  • Evolutionary Glass ball bearing instead of steel, making it rust free
  • The main smoke column (the stem) is made of top quality stainless steel
  • The inside of the ceramic bowl features an outer dome shape (see image above) designed to reduce the loss of uncooked herbal/tobacco molasses left in the bottom of traditional bowls.