Aladin Alux M6 Shisha Pipe 58cm

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Aladin Alux M6 Shisha Pipe 58cm

The Aladin Alux M6 is a complete large-sized aluminium shisha pipe that comes supplied with all the accessories and is available in two colours - Rose Pink or Silver. 

The Alux M6 shisha pipe features 4 ports and is light making it easy to transport and with an elegant design, you will impress your friends at your next shisha session. The interior of the smoke column and the down stem tube are made of high-quality stainless steel.  

This shisha pipe offers a reliable twist lock mechanism, which makes it much easier to assemble and disassemble the pipe. 

The Aladin Alux M6 shisha pipe is for the person that is looking for an elegant, modern and well-smoking Shisha pipe.
Shisha Features:

  • Premium glass jar features a twist lock Stem system instead of the more traditional push systems, this design ensures an air-tight seal and eliminates the need for large rubber grommets

  • Supports 4 port hoses with corresponding adapters
  • Pearl white ball bearing instead of steel, making it rust free

  • The main smoke column (the stem) is made of stainless steel making it durable and easy to clean

  • Features and adjustable and removable diffuser allowing you to influence the noise level.
  • Supplied with a Mockingbird charcoal tray

This pipe comes complete with:

  • Aluminium Shisha stem with stainless steel core

  • Stem ashtray

  • Glass jar

  • Plastic valve ball bearing

  • Masta Shisha Bowl and mockingbird charcoal tray set

  • 150cm  silicon hose with aluminium mouthpiece

  • Set of grommets

  • Pair of tongs

All you need to add is some shisha flavours, foil and charcoal to get started. Just Add the Shisha Bundle Pack BUN10 or BUN20.


  • Height: 58cm 

  • Number of hoses: 1 (Supports up to 4)

  • Uses a 18/8 ground connection

To add additional hoses, you just need to purchase a silicon hose

Please Note: You must be 18 years or older to order this product. Jar designs may vary