Why you should take pictures while Smoking Shisha

Why you should take pictures while Smoking Shisha

You won’t ever want to forget the good times you have while smoking shisha – and luckily you don’t have to. Instead, you just need to make sure that there’s a camera in the mix when you whip out the hookah with your pals. A few cheeky photos here and there can only heighten the experience, so don’t worry about getting a little snap-happy while you kickback and relax. With this in mind, here’s why you should take pictures while smoking shisha.
pictures while smoking shisha
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It’s perfectly acceptable (not to mention readily common) for someone to smoke hookah alone. However, most prefer to invite a few friends along to share the experience. Due to this, a shisha session can become a bit of a social occasion. You really don’t want to miss capturing all those great memories with pals just because you don’t have a camera to hand. Don’t forget to say cheese!


In 2018 the name of the game is always who can take the best picture. Well, you’re about to blow all others out of the park with your shisha-smoking image. The picture won’t just show your personality and inclination towards alternative activities, but you can also exhibit some cool effects when the smoke is bellowing out of your mouth. The final outcome should certainly be one that’s worthy of sticking on social media.


Sometimes it’s hard to just chill out and relax when someone’s got a camera. Luckily, shisha should help you – and others – relax into the idea of having your picture taken. Since hookah makes people feel laidback, everyone should appear cool and collected rather than rigid on the images. This is, obviously, why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to snap at least one of two pictures while smoking shisha.

Time to get snap-happy

A camera really can come in handy whenever you’re tucking into hookah. Therefore, don’t forget to take some great pictures while you’re smoking shisha because it can only heighten the overall experience and make it more memorable. If you require a new pipe, charcoal, or a range of shisha flavours you need, you're sure to find everything at The Shisha Shop. We've got what you need, from complete sets and bundle packs to separate accessories.  This includes components such as shisha pipes, hoses, flavours and handy accessories like mouth tips. We also stock a vast range of tobacco products, including tar and nicotine free options!

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