Delivery and Shisha Hire Belfast

Delivery and Shisha Hire Belfast

So you are looking to spend some quality time with your mates away from the hectic frenzy of pubs and night clubs. Everyone wants to relax with a couple of beers in hand and have conversations about what is currently going on in their lives. They anticipate the crowning moment when they all get to indulge in the calming aroma of double apple, mint, chocolate or strawberry flavored shisha. Well, this blog post is just for you.
This blog post will demystify facts about shisha hire Belfast, which is a recently introduced service. We will let you know which establishments offer hire and delivery services to their clients and why delivery is a great alternative for a wild night out for all the recluse introverts out there.

Cafe Azizzi

Shisha Hire Belfast
If you are looking for quality shisha, why not purchase it from the natives who are familiar with the practice? Cafe Azizzi, at 93 Dublin Road, Belfast BT2 7HF, Northern Ireland is a great place to get fine shisha in an assortment of flavours and learn about a different culture too. The establishment doubles as a cafe and shisha joint. The Arabic delicacies on the menu will leave your tongue tingling with various sensations. The great thing about Cafe Azzizi is that they offer delivery services for everything written down on their menu. This is a brilliant way to get your mates to sample some culture and great shisha right at home.

Eastern Ray

The second establishment is the Eastern Ray, a luxury shisha hire company. The company's delivery services are quite impressive and span a wide area. The enterprise continues to mature into a corporation with comprehensive shisha services steadily. They offer hire and delivery services on a large scale within the Belfast area and the full London city as well.
Eastern Ray offers home delivery of not only shisha but also shisha components such as pipes, bowls, ice hoses, and alcohol. The establishment believes in bringing the party home to their customers and creating an unforgettable experience for all their clients.
Eastern Ray goes further and provides large scale shisha hire and delivery for their clients. Their shisha hire services for customers include holding events such as birthdays and weddings. If your office is having an end of year party or celebrating a new merger, these two establishments provide shisha hire services. They also offer professional shisha handlers to take care of your shisha needs.
Enjoying shisha in your pajamas is now possible with shisha hire Belfast. However, if you want something a little more permanent then visit us at The Shisha Shop where we have everything that you need to recreate the authentic experience at home! We offer a variety of shisha pipes. This includes components such as shisha pipes, hoses, flavours and handy accessories like mouth tips.

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