Summer's here, get in the shade and enjoy a touch of Shisha!

Summer's here, get in the shade and enjoy a touch of Shisha!

It looks like we’re going to have a particularly hot summer this year, and what better way to relax than by grabbing your favourite flavours and enjoying a cool shisha in the sun?
The hookah pipe originated in the Middle East, around the 15th Century and it’s been a favourite in hot countries for centuries. But why?

Well it appears that smoking in general can actually give a cooling sensation. I investigated this having been told it by a doctor friend of mine, and it seems the science backs it up. From a question on Quora, I found this interesting information about the effects of nicotine:
nicotine is inhaled into the lungs, from there the nicotine enters the blood. When the nicotine reaches the brain, the pituitary gland thinks it is acetylcholine, which is chemically similar and used as a messenger inside the brain; nicotine triggers some of the same chemical processes as acetylcholine. The pituitary gland reacts by releasing vasopressin, a hormone normally used by the body to conserve water when dehydrated
The vasopressin causes the kidneys to collect less water from the bloodstream and constricts blood vessels. With blood vessels constricted, blood and the body heat it carries can't get as close to the skin, and you feel a little cooler.

Now, a word of warning. This is not a reason to smoke crazy amounts of shisha in the back garden in the blazing sun! You should always smoke responsibly and limit the amount of nicotine you inhale.
Also, although the body will be conserving more water, it’s still sensible to drink regularly if sitting outside as the sun will be dehydrating you.

Summer Flavours

And what better way to enjoy it all but with some cooling flavours?
Check out our Lemon and Mint Fusion flavour if you like some fresh tastes to go along with a long drink. Maybe mix with a tall white rum and soda for an alternative to a Mohito!
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