Should I Make My Own Shisha?

If you enjoy a shisha now and then, you may have been searching how it's made, and therefore found some sites that offer advice on how to make your own. Have you ever been tempted to try it?
I never have, but I asked a few friends and one of them had, they'd, in fact, made an apple flavour shisha from a WikiHow article and had some mixed results.
The biggest problem was the measurement of the ingredients, mostly the tobacco.
Shisha made by the major manufacturers is obviously selected for its quality, grading, etc. and it's used time and time again in the same quantities. The manufacturing process ensures that if you buy the shisha tobacco from one company on a Tuesday, it'll be the same if you buy it on a Thursday.
The benefit here is that you know what you'll be smoking time and again.
But if you make it yourself?
The first time my friend made it, he got a bit of a surprise as he'd put way too much tobacco in the mix. It was pretty much like smoking a hundred cigarettes.
So, a few more bits of trial and error later, and a better flavour could be had. The apple flavour come through and finally, a good smoke could be had - result!
But was it worth the effort?
It's a little like brewing your own beer. If you stick with it and try different ingredients then, you might find yourself becoming a bit of a connoisseur, making all kinds of flavours to suit your mood. And, it does mean you can experiment more - but be careful.
Some ingredients can be downright dangerous, and obviously, tobacco in large quantities isn't great. If you find yourself testing constantly, you're also going to be taking in a lot of nicotine, and really, this should be reduced.
Check out recipes already published, and, just like food recipes, experiement by changing some of the ingredients a few at a time. Eventually, you might find one that is exactly to your liking.
If you have tried to make your own, maybe let us know here, but for those of us more recreational smokers, we can stick to the purchased stuff!
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