6 Reasons Why Going to a Shisha Bar is Ideal for First Dates

6 Reasons Why Going to a Shisha Bar is Ideal for First Dates


6 Reasons Why Going to a Shisha Bar is Ideal for First Dates

There are certain long-trusted recipes for a first date. More often than not, would-be lovers lean towards going for a meal and drinks together. But this recipe doesn’t work for everyone. Besides lacking adventure, it also isn’t ideal for anyone on a budget or dealing with time restraints. Quite frankly, the pastime doesn’t quite hold a candle to enjoying a shisha together. Here are just a few reasons why going to a place like an Edgware Road shisha bar is perfect for first dates.

1) Improved conversation

It’s hard to get talking when you are both constantly shoveling food into your mouths. It creates the kind of awkward pauses and silent moments that you want to avoid on first dates. Meanwhile, shisha promotes conversation, because there’s no chewing or swallowing involved.

2) Cheap but cheerful

You always run the risk of spending a fortune whenever you go out for food. If you take starters, main courses and desserts into account, the price can often escalate rather quickly. On the other hand, shisha is a much cheaper option. Whether you are enjoying one at home or one at an Edgware Road shisha bar, it’s hard to step out of budget with shisha.

3) Perfect for weeknights

If you insist on heading for a meal, you’ll probably be looking to hold the date for a weekend. After all, you can’t run the risk of you or your date having a hangover the next day. With shisha at an Edgware Road shisha bar, there’s no alcohol involved and therefore you’re free to hold the date on a weeknight. This means you don’t have to wait so long to see your romantic interest.

4) Less formal

There’s usually a rigmarole surrounding first dates because they can be so formal. But shishas are all about relaxing. Therefore you can expect an atmosphere that’s less formal and more chilled out when you head for a shisha together.

5) Adventurous

Shishas show that you’re not afraid to break the mold and be different from the rest of the pack. Isn’t this the impression you want to leave on a first date?

6) Love is in the air

You’ll no doubt be seeing your love blossom as you sit side-by-side enjoying a shisha. If it works so well on the first date, there’s nothing to stop you from going back for more on the second, third and fourth.
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