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Universal Large Ribbed Rubber Base Seal Jar Grommet (Thick)

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This Large Universal Jar Grommet is designed for most Shisha or Hookah to fit in between the glass base and metal shisha pipe stem. Its purpose is to make sure the stem is secured and is air tight. It’s Ribbed design makes this perfect for most large Shisha Jars .

To Fit Stem size : 35mm to 40mm

To Fit Jar size : 45mm to 50mm

Available in 2 different sizes, and 2 different thicknesses.

When putting the stem on, wet the rubber base seal on both the inside and outside. This will make the seal more tighter.

Also if Jar Size is a little bit bigger, apply PVC tape to the Stem a couple of times and then fit the grommet onto it.