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Three Kings Charcoal 33mm 3 Rolls 30 Discs

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Three Kings Shisha Charcoal 3 Rolls 30 Discs
Three Kings Dutch Shisha Coal similar to Swift Lite Charcoal, is a quick lite shisha charcoal with a burning time of up to an hour per shisha coal, meaning you won’t need to use several coals every time you feel like smoking some shisha

High-Quality Charcoal. Ensuring even burning throughout.

They can be used to burn resins, incense, powdered herbal blends, or dried herbs.

In order to maintain freshness, opened rolls should be resealed and stored in a cool dry place. Effective storage will ensure quick lighting and a long burning time.

Remove a disc from the sealed roll and place it in a heat-proof dish or a pair of tongs. Light the edge of the disc with a match or lighter. The disc will then light across its surface. The disc should be left to burn out and cool in the censer. To extinguish a disc before it has fully cooled, quench in a container of cold water.

DO NOT HOLD THE CHARCOAL DISC IN YOUR HAND WHEN LIT! When the disc has been lit, do not handle it, as it will cause a burn. Do not dispose of the ash remains in a waste paper bin, as this may cause a fire. To avoid injury, please use a pair of tongs to hold the charcoal, do not hold the disc in your hand when lighting or when burning.

Available in 1 roll (10 pieces), 3 rolls multi save package (30 pieces), or a box of 10 rolls (100 pieces).

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