Silicone Washable Hose White - NO MOUTH PIECE

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Silicone Washable Hose White.

This 150cm Washable hookah hose is completely is made of High quality silicone.

The Silicone Hose offers an alternative to expensive washable hoses. Silicone Hoses smoke as good if not better than the best hoses in the market. The key to a good hookah is cleanliness. With this in mind, the Silicone Hose is 100% Washable.

The Silicone Hose is 150cm long. The hose comes in many different colors.

Lightweight, simple, and convenient, this Hookah Hosemakes for the perfect spare hookah hose if you’re looking for convenience and simplicity over decoration.

Washable Hose

Made from Silicone
Very Lightweight
150CM long