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Pure Love Flavour BIGG Ice Rockz Tobacco Free 120g

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Pure Love Flavour BIGG Ice Rockz Tobacco-Free Shisha 120g


This is a blend of vanilla, melon and blueberries.

Ice Rockz has revolutionised the traditional principles of the shisha smoking. Ice Rockz provide hookah/Shisha smokers with the same great flavour and thick clouds as one would get with regular tobacco, without the health risks linked with tobacco. Ice Rockz can be used in any Shisha pipe, in place of the traditional Shisha pipe tobacco.

Ice Rockz replaces the tobacco leaf with a 100% natural, Hydroponic Gel. The Ice Rockz soak up the glycerin and flavoring thus giving a longer smoking duration.

When heat is applied to the Shisha head containing the Ice Rockz, the aromatic liquid contained inside reach their boiling point and effectively Vaporizes into a thick, tasty steam. As the steam is drawn through the Shisha it is cooled down so that each puff is a fresh burst of flavor.

The Ice Fresh Flavour BIGG Ice Rockz is 100% nicotine FREE!


- Shake flavoured Ice Rockz for 10 seconds shortly before usage.
- Pop the Ice Rockz into your bowl as you would do with normal flavours
- Add foil with holes/charcoal screen
- Add coal (we recommend 44 ring charcoals)
- Enjoy!

Supplied in a plastic jar