Nitecore i4 4x Battery Charger

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The Nitecore i4 is an intelligent charger that can recognise, charge, and display charging current, battery voltage, and charge capacity of both Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries at the same time.

This kit includes:
- Nitecore i4 charger
- 3 Pin UK power cable
- User manual
- Warranty card

This is a 240v mains powered charger

Safety Notes

1. Charge only rechargeable 3.6/3.7 V lithium-ion batteries.
2. Charging any other types of batteries may cause them to leak rupture or explode.
3. Do not disassemble or modify any part of the charger or use as a power source.
4. Always unplug the charger from outlet before attempting maintenance or cleaning.
5. This charger should not be used by persons without adequate training or knowledge.