MYSTIQUE Black Bazooka Ice Mouthpiece – Screwable 2.0

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MYSTIQUE Black Bazooka Ice Mouthpiece – Screwable 2.0

                    **** MOUTH PIECE ONLY ***

This unique innovation is designed to cool down the shisha smoke just before you inhale. This Mouthpiece works in conjunction with most silicone and long handle hoses with removable mouthpiece’s

To use this, all you need to do is remove the Freeze Pack (unscrew the Mystique Ice tip) and place the Freeze Pack in the Freezer for an hour or so. The non-toxic Freeze Pack acts like ice cubes when frozen.

Once you’re ready to smoke, pop your Freeze Pack back into your Mystique Ice tip and begin smoking.

As the shisha smoke travels through the tip and comes in contact with the Freeze Pack, it chilled to an epically cool temperature for the smoothest, iciest, and most enjoyable shisha experience imaginable!

Because it cools the smoke, you can take longer pull (drags) with little to no harsh effects.


The decorative band made of fabric with Moroccan-style designs (design and colour of this fabric may vary slightly).


PLEASE NOTE: Nammor hose in the main image is to show you how to use the Mystique Ice Tip, the Nammor hose is sold separately.