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Large Coal Holder

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large Shisha Coal Holder

this is designed for holding your burning charcoal (natural or quick lights) allowing them to be ready and also carried before use on your shisha pipe. It also features a small perched hook to leave your charcoal tongs on after use. The metal shisha bowl is removable and allows for easy cleaning and disposal of ash.

Very popular amongst shisha lounge and Cafes and of course the dedicated Shisha Smoker

Perfect for natural and quick light charcoals

Can be used to Transport Heated Charcoal to your Shisha Pipe.

Can be used to dispose of unwanted hot charcoal.

Details of the Charcoal Holder

Height: ca. 8.5cm
Length of handle: ca. 37cm 
Diameter Coal Bin: ca. 13.8cm
Depth of bin: 4.8cm