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Deluxe Jar Body and Neck Cleaning Brush

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Deluxe Jar Body and Neck Cleaning Brush

One of the neglected area’s of experiencing a great smoking experience is ensuring your jar is properly cleaned.

Many cleaning brushes have a thinly spread out layer of bristles which don’t clean enough of the surface area so that it doesn’t really clean the bottom section of the jar.  They are also just one size which mean that the bristles may not properly clean the neck section of the jar.

With the Deluxe Jar Body and Neck Cleaning Brush, its features two different sizes of bristles that allow you to clean the top and bottom of the jar in one move. With a dense array of soft bristles at the end of the brush, this brush will ensure your jar is cleaner than it's ever been.

Ideal for Russian style jars or Khalil Mamoon jars.