Birdhunter Masta-Chimney Set

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The Kaya Birdhunter Bowl-Chimney Set. This Kaya Chimney is made of the finest metals, making it light and free of trapped gasses. Using this Chimney set, you'll have hours of effortless smoking without the pain of over burning your Shisha molasses. The Chimney comes in two parts, allowing you to get rid of the burnt ash very easily, whilst you are smoking. Chimneys are designed to go directly on the Shisha Bowl without the need to use Aluminium foil.

The Terracotta bowl has been designed to fit the Kaya Chimney and is made of durable terracotta clay with large internal holes, for an effortless smoking experience. The Terracotta bowl is designed to absorb the liquid from the molasses and then later, release it using the stored heat in the bowl. This will increase the flavour, during the second part of the smoking experience.