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Al Fakher RedMX Concentrate 500g + RedMX Universal Molasses Mix 500g 

If you like your shisha to be to be sweet and succulent, Al Fakher is the perfect choice to go for!

Over many years, Al Fakher, the world famous leading shisha brand, has gained its reputation as one of the finest brands of Shisha flavours, have now finally unleashed the next evolution of Shisha flavours, Now Al Fakher has turned their attention on the UK Market.

Introducing Al Fakher RedMx 500g Concentrate.

Adding RedMX Universal Molasses Mix to Al Fakher RedMx 500g Concentrate is adding…

FRESHNESS -  Adding RedMX guarantees the freshest most full-flavoured shisha.

UNIVERSALITY - RedMX is flavour free and useable with all flavours of the RedMx 500g Concentrate range.

MIXOLOGY - RedMX range offers you the power to create a unique shisha experience and new combo mixes without boundaries.

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