Why you should put your phone down while smoking shisha

Why you should put your phone down while smoking shisha

It’s fair to say that many people have become addicted to their phones in 2018. In fact, most can’t go just a few minutes without scrolling through their apps or sending a few texts. There is a time when it’s vital to put your phone away though – and that’s when you’re smoking shisha. While you might think there’s no harm in having your mobile to hand as you puff on the hookah pipe, in actual fact, it can dampen what would otherwise be an incredible experience. With this in mind, here are the best reasons to put your phone down while smoking shisha.


Shisha is a famously calming pastime. On the other hand, your mobile phone – particularly because it gives you access to the outside world – can be the cause of undue stress. Therefore, you could find yourself getting riled up if you’re using your mobile when you should be relaxing with the hookah. It would be a shame to come away from the experience feeling like you’ve not fully chilled out because you’ve refused to go without your phone.
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Arghile from Bethany beyond the river Jordan by Jan Krömer licensed under Creative commons 6


It’s fair to say that things can become rather tranquil when you whip out the shisha. Your smoky surroundings become the perfect place to ponder your own thoughts and become one with yourself. Do you really need a text message coming through at this point? After all, you’re free to think and let your mind wander when your mobile is out of sight and your focus is on the hookah.


Hookah can be truly amazing when you nail the right environment. This can include mood lighting, laidback songs and comfy cushions to recline against. Meanwhile, a phone – especially one that’s constantly ringing, vibrating and lighting up – doesn’t really add to the atmosphere. Instead, it takes away from it. As a result, it’s generally best that you put your phone down while smoking shisha.

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