Why you need a shisha pipe gift BEFORE Christmas

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Why you need a shisha pipe gift BEFORE Christmas

Christmas is almost here! That’s right - in just a few short weeks you’ll be opening your presents on December 25th. But before then, why not treat yourself to a new shisha pipe? If you don’t already own one, now is the perfect time to invest in a shisha pipe gift for your self. Here are four reasons why it’s better to buy one sooner rather than later over the holidays.

You deserve it

The songs will tell you that it is ‘the most wonderful time of year’. Sadly, it’s also the busiest time of year. Between shopping for gifts and all the hours stuck in traffic, there are fewer chances to put your feet up and chill out. That’s where shisha comes in. Since smoking shisha is so relaxing, it offers you a chance to enjoy your downtime on the run up to Christmas.

You can discover you favourite flavour

Many people are stumped when asked what they want for Christmas. However, you won’t have to be racking your brain for an answer anymore. Instead, once you know what shisha flavours you enjoy, you can ask for more as stocking fillers. There are loads of other accessories you could request too, including mouth tips, tongs and shisha hoses.

It’s budget-friendly

You can constantly be living beyond your means in the run up to Christmas. After all, it’s rare that a day goes by without another festive-themed expense rearing its head. Luckily, shishas are an adorable pastime and shouldn’t leave you out of pocket when you’re already feeling stretched.

It’s great for fly-in visits

You’ll no doubt be seeing your friends and family much more over the next few weeks. Therefore you’ll want to be prepared for when they call around for a fly-in visit. If you have a shisha, this means you don’t have to keep your fridge stocked up just in case. Instead, you can simply whip out your shisha pipe and enjoy it with your nearest and dearest.

What are you waiting for?

You could always wait to see if you receive a shisha from Santa. However, not only is this not guaranteed, it would also be too late. With that in mind, feel free to treat yourself and visit our Shisha Shop today.

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