Why Shisha at your housewarming party

Shisha at your housewarming party

You’ll surely agree that a new home calls for a celebration! If you’re planning on inviting round your friends and family to see the place, you should know that the bash wouldn’t be complete without hookah. With this in mind, here are three great benefits to lighting up shisha at your housewarming party.

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Shisha takes up very little room. In fact, it can feature as a table centrepiece or sit neatly on the floor for guests to gather around. Since it commands so little space, you don’t have to worry about your home looking smaller as a result – nor do you have to worry about it taking up valuable room that should be reserved for guests. You can therefore present your new home just as it will be lived in if you choose to have shisha at your housewarming party.


You could end up regretting your decision to hold a housewarming party if you’re not careful with the arrangements. After all, too much alcohol can cause spillages and breakages that could tarnish your new home before you’ve even settled into it. Meanwhile, there’s no risk of shisha causing any damage to your property. You can therefore rest comfortably knowing your new digs won’t be a mess the morning after the party.


A housewarming party is unlike any other bash in the sense that it requires a complete variety of people to be there. For instance, on one side of the room you might have your mum and dad, whereas on the other you might have your colleagues from work. Despite this strange mesh of people, the atmosphere can still be chilled and relaxed if you’ve got shisha on the go. After all, it’s the perfect tool to help guests mellow out in each other’s company and just have a good time.

Give it a go!

There are many reasons to push the boat out and have shisha at your housewarming party. If you’ve decided that your shindig could go awry without hookah in the mix, be sure to stock up on all the equipment you need beforehand by checking out The Shisha Shop.
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