Shisha Bars Locator

Shisha Bars Locator

Where Can I Smoke a Hookah Pipe?

Hookah Pipes and shisha can be smoked outdoors pretty much anywhere in the UK, however you have to bear in mind the laws on smoking tobacco (in fact, on smoking anything as it’s likely e-cigarettes will eventually face a ban) and only smoke a Hookah Pipe where you would normally smoke a pipe, cigarette or cigar.
It’s fair to say, however, that lugging around your own hookah pipe might not be the best way to enjoy the relaxing flavours and instead you might like to get to a Shisha bar and enjoy a smoke amongst friends.
 As it turns out, there are many of these opening up around the country as the lifestyle becomes more accepted into Western culture.

Where can I find them?

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Shisha Bars can be found in many cities including London, Manchester, Bradford and other popular locations, I found a superb web resource that has a whole list of Shisha Bars around the UK, you can check them out here.
The great thing about many of these places is that they also have food and drink available so your friends who don’t want to take part in the hookah phenomenon don’t have to feel left out!
If you are not the outgoing type and prefer to enjoy at a friend’s place or maybe your own place, contact The Shisha Shop to ship the flavor to your doorstep.

The Shisha Shop, 11-13 Fairways Business Park, Lammas Road, E10 7QT London, United Kingdom

Phone No.: +44 20 8133 3263

Shisha Bars Locator

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