Want to buy a Shisha Pipe but don't know what to get?

A Shisha Pipe can be a great gift for that someone you love who apparently has everything, but we understand that not everyone will be up to speed with the terms, the equipment needed or even what to ask for.
What sort of pipe? Do you need flavours, charcoal, and what about all the other stuff?
It'd be a bit of a disappointment if someone opened their beautiful pipe up and discovered that until the shops open again, it's essentially an ornament!
Nope, they'll need to get going straight away, so to make things really easy for you this year, if you order any shisha pipe from us up until the 23rd December, you'll get an essentials bundle worth £27.99 absolutely free!
It includes a charcoal screen, ten flavour packs and five charcoal packs. So when they open their present on Christmas day they'll be able to get up and running in no time!
Click on the image below to choose your pipe and claim your free bundle!
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