Want ice cream with your shisha? Well, now you can!

With shisha becoming more popular and yet shisha lounges being frowned upon by more of those up high in government, it’s good to see that someone is bucking the trend and doing something a bit ‘different’.
As we said in a previous post, not everyone wants to drink at night, some of us want to socialise in other ways. Luckily, a couple of entrepreneurs in Bristol have provided the ideal place. They’ve just opened up “Scoops”, an ice cream parlour that serves 40 different flavours, which also has a room for smoking e-shisha!
Finding a building that had been empty for 15 years, they saved up and with friends and family, did the place up. They hired Zasedesign, a graffiti company, to decorate the interior walls and it seem it’s working.
Check out their Facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Scoops-desserts/379418692219065
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