Top Three Shisha Lounges to Enjoy Shisha in Portugal

Top Three Shisha Lounges to Enjoy Shisha in Portugal

If you're living or travelling in Portugal, you may be looking for the perfect spots to relax and enjoy a little shisha - or chicha as it's known. Here are our top three Shisha Lounges to go to smoke shisha in Portugal.

1. Meduse Shisha Experience, Conrad Algarve, Portugal

Medusa Shisha Experience - Shisha in Portugal
Blending all the romance of Arabian kasbah with a call to indulge in the luxury of relaxing and being yourself, the Meduse Shisha Experience is not to be missed. They boast some of the most luxurious and delightful shisha pipes in Portugal, including Meduse Craft and the Meduse Sepia. These are stunning, decanter-style pipes, beautifully blown in contemporary designs from glass, perfect for holding a unique blend of herbs, spirits, tobacco and fruit - all for your indulgence and smoking pleasure. An original experience you will never forget, this is an aptly named establishment that's full of colour, life and exquisite sensory experiences.

2. Mirage Bar, Albufeira, Portugal

Mirage Bar is just a little way off the tail end of Albufeira's main strip. If you're looking for an authentic Portuguese shisha experience, this is definitely the place for you. With a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, you'll be greeted by a wide variety of flavours. Partake of a little tutti frutti or raspberry shisha from their smooth and extremely well-maintained shisha pipes. With a well-stocked bar of cool beers and delicious cocktails to complement your shisha experience, Mirage Bar is a relaxed yet exciting experience you won't want to miss.

3. Shisha House, Cascais, Portugal

With funky decor and a really chilled out atmosphere, the Shisha House in Cascais offers a refreshing and friendly retreat from the world and the perfect way to end your evening. With a range of delicious shisha and a well-tended bar, you can relax and have a smoke, or simply have a drink. One nice quirk of the Shisha House is their delightful range of teas, which go exquisitely with their finely chosen blends of shisha.
Have you found any hidden gems to try shisha, Portugal? Are we missing any fine establishments from our list? Pop a comment below and let us know your favourite shisha bars that you go to smoke shisha in Portugal!
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