Top 4 Shisha Bars in Bristol

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Top 4 Shisha Bars in Bristol
Bristol is a young, cutting-edge and culturally rich growing city so it is no surprise to find that it is home to many great shisha bars that are great for visiting with friends.

Full Moon and Attic Bar

Located in the trendy and multicultural Stokes Croft, the Full Moon is locally known to be one of the best music and entertainment venues in the city. As well as a well stocked bar, a backpacker hostel and boasting to be one of the top ten UK clubs by The Guardian newspaper, the Full Moon has an impressive range of shisha tobaccos available to smoke there. Of all the shisha bars in Bristol, the Full Moon is the most eclectic.


Nova is home to the finest Middle Eastern, Lebanese and Moroccan food that Bristol has to offer. It has a relaxed Mediterranean vibe which is enhanced by the wonderful shishas on offer. There is also a bar which is locally known for its cocktails as well as a remarkable range of teas and hot drinks. Staff are wonderful and always happy to suggest a delicious shisha flavour for you to try. Nova is probably the most relaxing of the shisha bars in Bristol and is a great place to unwind.


Few shisha bars in Bristol, or anywhere else, take their shisha smoking as seriously as they do at Pryzm. Private booths are available which makes it an ideal place to celebrate a birthday over a shisha with friends. A truly mesmerising menu is available, including nicotine-free shisha tobacco, so everyone can take part and enjoy the huge range of delicious flavours on offer here.


Between Bristol University and Clifton, on St Paul's Road, you will find Driti's, a shisha bar with a huge and beautiful heated outside area perfect for all times of the year. Again, there is a huge range of shisha tobaccos available such as lemon, blue mist, spiced chai, atomic apple or even orange Lucozade! All their flavours are listed online. If you are considering becoming a regular to Dristi's you may wish to consider their shisha loyalty card scheme.
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