Three Reasons to say ‘no’ to Background Music with Shisha

Three Reasons to say ‘no’ to Background Music with Shisha

There’s no experience like smoking shisha – especially when you really nail the ambience! The question arises: is it worth racking your brain trying to find the right soundtrack to go with hookah? While many people think that good tunes and shisha go hand-in-hand, for others it’s perfectly acceptable to say ‘no’ to any sort of background music when puffing on the pipe. This is the case whether you’re partaking in the pastime alone or whether you choose to invite a few pals over to get involved in the positive vibes. With this in mind, here’s why you don’t always need music with shisha.
Music with shisha
Music by Brandon Giesbrecht licensed under Creative commons 4


Shisha is all about sitting back, relaxing and letting the good times flow. This, of course, doesn’t always get off to the best start when you’re forced to flick through playlists looking for a worthwhile soundtrack. Quite simply, if you’re not a music aficionado it could be in your best interest to just go without tunes if it will ultimately help you chill.


There’s a reason that shisha is an activity championed by creative people. It’s because the pastime helps them to really look deep inside themselves and be one with their own thoughts. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible when there’s music on in the background. After all, songs can make you annoyed, depressed or agitated – therefore stealing your attention away from yourself.


Hookah is a fantastic centrepiece for you to gather around with your friends and enjoy some conversations. That said, the conversation doesn’t always flow like it should when you play music with shisha. It’s not just a matter of turning down the volume either, so don’t be mistaken into thinking that this will help. It’s just common knowledge that the best chats are often held in environments where there are no other distractions.

It’s your decision!

When it comes to crafting the perfect environment to smoke hookah it’s often a case of different strokes for different folks. So, while some may choose to team music with shisha, others might be more comfortable keeping it silent and enjoying the activity that way instead.
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