The Best Shisha in Cardiff

A surprisingly small city broken up by sprawling parks, Cardiff enchants each and every visitor with the variety of its winding streets. Authentic Welsh cuisine, local breweries, the world's oldest record store, sports venues of all sizes, coffee houses and so much more - there's a lot of local and international culture to soak. With so much pushed into each building, arcade and pop-up stall, it's not surprising that the city isn't lacking in top-quality shisha locations - each with its own identity and unique characteristics. If you're looking to sample shisha in Cardiff, check out our top three list below:

Sahara Cardiff - Something Old

Shisha in Cardiff
Located at the top of the ever-lively City Road, Sahara Cardiff is the oldest shisha joint in town. Decorated and furnished in traditional Middle Eastern fashion, curved doorways, glass coffee cups, tiled lamps and rustic hues all add to the laid-back atmosphere. Offering all the usual delicious fruity flavours, Sahara stands out from the crowd by also stocking an Iron Brew option!
Providing tea, coffee, milkshakes and an expansive pasta, crepe and waffle menu - it won't be hard to lose the whole afternoon in Sahara.

Albasha - Something Different

Also located on City Road, Albasha goes for a much more natural and relaxed setting. Streams of light and artificial plants give off a dreamy twilight sensation that lasts the whole day. All the classic fruit flavours are on offer, as well as more unique ones like PAAN, salumee and zaglule. Boasting sweet treats, it's a fine place to visit after dinner or on a lazy day off. Perfect for pleasing large groups of friends who want to try shisha in Cardiff.

Cloud - Something New

Coming in the not so distant future is Cloud. Garbed in neon and a delightful haze, Cardiff's newest shisha business promises over 100 flavours and an unrivaled VIP experience. Offering detoxifying juices, it certainly presents itself as offering much more than the average establishment. Live DJs will also be on hand to change the mood in the mystical-sounding place.
From traditional to the almost futuristic, Cardiff has a selection that will impress even the most experienced of smokers.
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