Smoking Shisha Pipes Connects People: A Growing Trend

Reasons of Shisha/Hookah Popularity in UK

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Smoking shisha is the latest trend, which some people name as a lifestyle, among the young people in UK. Men are more actively smoking shisha pipes as compared to the women. Many analysts have declared Shisha Cafes as a socializing paradise for the young folks.
In United Kingdom, it allows you to connect with other people who are also like smoking shisha pipes. This type of smoking can be done in public, since it’s legal. So, you and your friends can legally light up in the middle of the street without having to worry about legal repercussion.
Recently, a photographer clicked two men, while they were enjoying shisha in the middle of the Knightsbridge Street.
[caption id="attachment_291" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Shisha smoking, Knightsbridge, London, Hookah in UK Men smoking shisha pipe in the middle of Knightbridge, UK. Picture: Ashley Agedah[/caption]
During the last two decades, smoking shisha in UK has been a growing trend among young people due to its fruity flavours, easy availability of shisha/hookah components and portability.
One of the other reasons is that it doesn’t smell as bad as cigarette smoking. When shopping for a cheap shisha in UK, you’ll find hookah's different flavours, like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and etc.  easily at The Shisha Shop.

How to socialize while using shisha pipes in United Kingdom?

You can socialize with other shisha pipe smokers when you opt to smoke in a hookah bar. This type of bar doesn’t only sell cheap shisha, but it also sells coffee and alcohol.
Most of the lounges in UK offer comfortable furniture where you can sit down and chat with other smokers. Some bars do offer taste test for their products. What’s great about this concept is that you can test them for an unlimited period of time.
Shisha cafe boom has made shisha smoking a popular alternative to smoking cigarettes in UK. These pipes have colorful designs with candy-like flavors, making them more appealing to the young people.

Smell good

As previously mentioned, smoking shisha won’t emit bad odour like cigarettes and cigars. Hence, it’s a lot better than cigarettes. Opting for it is more of a social thing as it allows you to be classier because you won’t have to worry about the bad smell after every session of smoking a shisha pipe. Most of the people first time try shisha because of its enticing smell. Some people don't even like the sweet smell of shisha, they can read our old blog post to get rid of it.

Compete with other smokers

Some organizations conduct a competition, where people can blow the smoke clouds or perform the coolest smoke tricks using shisha pipes in UK.
This competition allows youngsters, and people from different cultures and background, to  get engage in this cool, classy new activity.
If you don’t like participating in it, you can simply enjoy clubbing or going to concerts while smoking shisha pipes, when it’s allowed.
Youngsters find this habit extremely relaxing as they can get the fruit-flavoured smoke punches through long puffs.

Why it connects people?

Shisha pipes can accommodate more than one individual. Depending on the size of the pipe, you can share it with your friends and/or family members while hanging out in your house.

Is it harmful?

Compared with smoking tobacco, this habit is less harmful. However, you must still smoke it in moderation. It’ll be more harmful than tobacco if you puff more than 400 times a day.
Although it lets you connect with other people with the same habit as yours, you still need to choose the individuals you want to share it with. This is to avoid getting a transmittable disease while smoking shisha pipes in UK.
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Smoking Shisha Pipes Connects People: A Growing Trend 

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