If I smoke a hookah pipe indoors, will the smoke alarm go off?

Blog 1I was in a Shisha Bar on Sunday (a hot day in March! Who’d have thought it!!) when someone brought up the subject of why we all have to sit outside. Admittedly we’re under a canopy, but we’re outside nonetheless and sunny days are pretty rare in the UK – so what happens when it’s cold? Can’t we sit inside?
Before I could chip in with the correct answer, someone offered a little nugget of information – “It’ll set off the smoke alarms”, they said.

The smoke alarms, which should be in every commercial building, will indeed go off if big plumes of smoke hit them and so this is correct, but that’s not the reason why we can’t smoke indoors. The real reason is the law and so I explained about the UK law banning smoking in commercial and public buildings. In fact, if you’re a delivery driver, your car or van is also seen as a place of work – you can’t smoke in there either! In fact, a business is by law expected to display “No Smoking” signs.
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So the reason you’re outside is because it’s the law. Let’s hope it’s a hot summer then!
The law however does not stop you from enjoying your smoke or shisha outdoors and outdoors can be equally as fun as indoors. Contact The Shisha Shop whenever you feel like having an outdoor gathering to add flavour to the party. We provide best quality shisha products. 

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Why Smoking Indoors is a Bad Idea?