Should You Be Considering a Disposable Shisha Hose?

Shisa pipes are mostly pretty amazing looking things. Each part of the hookah combines to make smoking one not just about the smoking and the flavours, but also an expression of design and form.
When you light yours up in the student dorm and share the enjoyment, you'd like to think that as you pass round the hose, these people you've only just met aren't harbouring any exotic disease. I mean, those coldsores, they're not infectious are they? That girls with the brand new lip piercing.... hang on a minute...
It's OK, they're probably fine, but just in case...

Dubai takes the lead

It's obviously a problem that some people take seriously, and Dubai have decided to do something about it by making it a mandatory that all shisha lounges use disposable pipes by October 15th.
According the municipality's Public Health and Safety Department:
"latest studies have found that shared use of shisha pipes can lead to a spread of several fungal, viral and bacterial infections including Herpes Simplex Virus-1, Hepatitis B, bacterial meningitis, tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases."
Is this something to worry about?
Well, unless you're sharing your pipe around with all and sundry, no, you should be OK, but if you do share it, then it's worth considering getting some disposable pipes yourself. Luckily, we can help!

Disposable 5 Pack Plastic Washable Hookah Hygiene Hoses


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