Shisha Hire Bristol - A Beginner's Guide

Bristol is a fabulous city, well known for its many bars, clubs and restaurants. If you live in the Bristol area and fancy doing something different for your next get together with friends, why not try hiring your very own shisha equipment? Instead of trawling the usual bars, you can create and enjoy an authentic shisha experience at home. Shisha hire Bristol is also a great choice for something unique at a special event.
Shisha Hire Bristol
There are lots of companies who offer Shisha hire Bristol and here we're taking a look at three of the best:

1. Everything Egyptian Shisha Hire

This company is based in Bristol, so they're a great choice for hiring the equipment you need. They provide a luxurious marquee to relax in and enjoy the many different flavours they can offer. If required, they can even let you have the services of experienced shisha servers, as well as all the pipes and standard gear.

2. Shisha Hire UK

This company is not based in Bristol, but offers a service that allows people who are to enjoy the experience anyway. The Shisha Hire UK staff will travel to Bristol and bring all the equipment needed with them, such as flavourings, pipes and mouth tips. It does need to be a party of five or larger to be able to book them, so if you are having a large celebration, they are an excellent choice who can cater for bigger numbers.

3. Shisha Express

These guys have been hiring out shisha equipment to events for years and are a great choice if you live in the Bristol area and want to try shisha hire Bristol out. They provide an efficient service and the hire price includes all the essentials such as pipes and different flavour types.
As you can see, there are lots of choices when thinking about shisha hire Bristol. Whether it is for your wedding reception, a friend's birthday party or simply a night relaxing with your buddies then shisha hire is an excellent and fresh choice.
If you want to invest in shisha longer term, visit us at The Shisha Shop has everything that you need to recreate the authentic experience at home! We have got a variety of hookah pipes available at wholesale prices for your lounge. This includes components such as shisha pipes, hoses, flavours and handy accessories like mouth tips.

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