Shisha for Beginners: Three Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

Shisha for Beginners: Three Mistakes to Avoid - 2019 Edition

When you’re starting out with a new hobby, making a few mistakes is all part of the learning curve. But with a little research, you’ll be able to bypass any hiccups and go straight into enjoying the relaxing benefits of smoking a shisha. Shisha for beginners doesn't have to be difficult, but here are three common mistakes we can help you avoid:

1. Do NOT Buy the cheapest shisha pipe

When you’re buying your first shisha pipe, you want it to look good. After all, there are so many beautiful designs out there, it’d be a shame to go for a shisha that’s anything short of showstopping. But beware: no-name products produced from cheap, unreliable metal sheets can rust after just a few weeks, leaving you out of pocket. Always take a close look at the quality of the workmanship. If possible, enlist the help of a seasoned shisha smoker or a specialist shop like The Shisha Shop, who will be able to tell the good from the bad in a moment, which can make smoking shisha for beginners so much easier.
Oduman Shisha Pipe

2. Not checking your tobacco's humidity

If you decide to smoke shisha tobacco, there’s one important factor you’ll need to keep in mind. All shisha tobacco needs to have high humidity in order to provide you with the best smoke production and taste. If your tobacco doesn’t look like it’s moist enough, you could always try moistening it yourself with glycerine. Use it in moderation, though: despite being tasteless, it could weaken the taste of your tobacco.

3. Not letting the coal glow through

Often, newbies only briefly ignite their lighting coal and immediately place it on the tobacco bowl. When they do this, it gives them a horrible taste and has adverse health effects, because the coal is burning black powder constantly while it’s igniting. To make shisha for beginners a safer and more pleasant experience, it's essential to let the coal burn through. Get yourself a coal dish, let the pieces of coal glow though, and use some coal tongs to turn them over so they’re burning evenly. You could even get a fan or gently blow on it, but look out for flying ash and embers if you do. Once they are charred and grey they are ready for use.
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