More Celebrities who like their shisha

Shisha is becoming quite popular these days, in part to some pretty cool people being photographed using them. Sometimes it’s football players who get in trouble for it, other times it’s pop stars who don’t seem to care much what anyone thinks.
We like the latter attitude!
Here are a few celebrities to embrace the shisha. Granted they might just be doing it for publicity, but what the heck, it looks good!


There’s one thing you can be sure about with Rihanna, she’s not want to shy away from publicity. And when it comes to shisha, she knows how to get the most out of a photo opportunity.
In this photo she was seen taking a smoke after a concert in the Republic of Azerbaijan, and she seems to be enjoying it.

Kim Kardashian

And when we’re talking about attention seeking, Kim Kardashian is up there with the best. Surely only overshadowed by the ego of her husband, Kim will use anything to get publicity, and so shisha is a no-brainer.
kim kardashian

The hookah smoking caterpillar

OK, keep calm, nobody slipped something odd into your pipe, I’m about to explain to you about a character in a children’s book and in numerous films. Yes, there’s a caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland, and he’s blue and he smokes shisha.
Given how trippy the whole book is, you can’t help but wonder if there’s something else going on and it’s some sort of allegory with deeper meaning. Or maybe the bug just liked to relax, who can tell?
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