Hookah: A New Popular Trend

Hookah: A New Popular Trend

Is it legal to smoke a Hookah Pipe?

This question comes up a lot and it’s no surprise because as the pipes are quite new to some cultures (especially in the UK), the hookah pipe is seen by some as a way to smoke things other than tobacco. I remember speaking to one person who, when he saw my pipe he immediately described it as a ‘bong’.

Hookah Pipe

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In fact, Shisha and hookah are perfectly legal to smoke in the same way that cigarette and cigars are legal. You can’t smoke them inside many public buildings (such as cafes and bars etc.) but you can smoke them outside or in a shelter perfectly within the law. The hookah is essentially just a very fancy looking pipe and the fact the tobacco smells differently is because it is often flavoured.
So the short answer to the initial question is “Yes, within the confines of normal law governing tobacco products, it is quite legal to smoke a hookah pipe.
Thus it is perfectly alright to smoke Shisha in the UK. If you are intrigued by what a shisha is or you are just looking to flavour up a gathering or party, simply contact us at The Shisha Shop and we will help you lighten it up.

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Hookah: A New Popular Trend

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