It’s International Strange Music day – what will you listen to?

strange music
On my almost weekly trawl of some of the weirder sites on the Internet, I like to take a look a the international celebration days that are coming up. Some of them are out and out weird, such as “Happy National Kazoo day”. Others are far more useful, such as national breast cancer awareness, things like that.
But, today is “International Strange Music Day” – so what’s that about?
Well Patrick Grant, a professional musician, started the day as a way to get people to listen to something they’d never heard before. Even though it says “strange” in the title, that doesn’t mean you need to listen to some off-the-wall acoustic mess created by drunk monks from Tibet. Nope, just something you’ve never heard before.
What’s mainstream to some is probably weird to others. For example, I’d find listening to a One Direction album particularly challenging.

Combine it with your favourite smoke

So, it’s still warm outside, so get yourself a set of really cook Bluetooth speakers, prepare your pipe and set your favourite streaming music app of choice to random and see what comes out.
You never know, you might surprise yourself with something that you’ll eventually become a fan of!
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