Is smoking shisha healthy?

We love shisha, of course we do, but we also realise that in order to be responsible, we need to make sure that we understand the risks. This post is in response to someone who simply asked the question “is shisha healthy?”
It’s a difficult question, because health can be measured in many ways, but it’s one we want to tackle here.
First of all, we can’t get away from the fact that smoking is involved. Very often you’re smoking tobacco and that smoke, and all the particulates, are going into a bowl of water. This is probably where the ‘health’ thing comes from, because many are under the impression that this ‘cleans’ out all the toxins. It doesn’t.
However, there are healthier options, such as steam stones. These don’t create any particulates; you’re essentially just inhaling steam so you don’t have the same health risks.

The social aspect

There’s more to shisha though. You see, it’s mostly a very social activity. Even when smoking at home, many people like to share the joy of smoking around, and this could be where some benefits can be found.
Research has found that there is a positive correlation between social interaction and health, and this same argument has been used to show the positive aspects of alcohol. Both smoking shisha and drinking out with friends can be said to be positive socially. This is in stark contrast to smoking cigarettes, which is generally a very socially taboo and lonely pastime.
As with all things, it’s moderation that’s the key, and making sure that if you get any symptoms that you’re unsure of, you seek help. But, if you smoke moderately and understand the risks, you can enjoy the social aspects of shisha, make new friends and maybe see some benefits.
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