Is it OK to Smoke Shisha? Not if You Play for Arsenal!

Only just found this from February, but it raises the question of whether football managers should get involved with their players' social lives if it doesn't impact their professional life?
Jack Wilshere is set to be reprimanded by Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger after a picture emerged of the midfielder holding a shisha pipe at a London nightclub, Goal understands.
The 23-year-old has been photographed smoking cigarettes on two previous occasions, outside a nightclub in 2013 and at a Las Vegas pool party following England's exit from the World Cup last summer.

Really? He was smoking cigarettes, too? Given the trouble with corruption in football, it seems a bit trivial!
Of course there's more to this. Football players are role models at the end of the day, and so maybe they should keep a squeaky-clean profile off the pitch? What do you think?
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