How to host a Shisha Dinner Party

Shisha Dinner Party

Shisha is a great social activity; shisha pipes can be passed around and shared, and smoking shisha is a great way to relax and loosen up when you're around your closest friends. Shisha also goes hand in hand with great food: Middle-Eastern and Lebanese restaurants offering hookahs for use before or after eating is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Spice up your next party with a Shisha dinner party by investing in a hookah and some flavoured shisha to pass around among friends.
shisha dinner
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Cushions, lots of cushions

The first thing you'll want to do in preparation for your shisha dinner party is to make sure you've set aside a comfortable space for smoking the shisha. Arranging cushions in a circle on the floor of a warm, comfortable room like your living room is a great way to make passing the shisha pipe around easy and to keep everyone feeling close together and cosy - just what you want at a good shisha party.

A taste of the Middle East

Smoking shisha is a traditional Middle Eastern practice, so if you really want to stay on theme for your shisha dinner party, your best bet is to plan a Middle Eastern menu. Don't worry - Middle Eastern food is a cinch. Whip up a few dips to start - hummus, tzatziki or an olive tapenade. Next serve simple lamb koftas (or veggie skewers) for your main. Moussaka, kebabs, and falafel would also be great choices on a shisha dinner menu.

Strawberry cheesecake or strawberry shisha?

Shisha is available in a range of sweet flavours from strawberry and apple to mango and watermelon. After your guests have polished off their mains, skip the dessert course and take your guests through to the living room for 'afters'. Smoking sweet shisha is the perfect way to cleanse your palate after dinner - the purpose of most traditional desserts - and wind down as you relax into the evening.
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