How to host a hookah party from home

If you plan to host a hookah party at home, then congratulations! You have exquisite taste, and you really know how to bring your friends together in a way that will help them grow as individuals and as a collective. That said, you are putting pressure on yourself to make it a success, and it’s important you know what you need to do to achieve that. The first consideration is whether or not your home is suitable for hosting a hookah party.

A few basics for your home

Having a hookah party indoors is not really advisable. If you don’t have a really good ventilation system installed – and most people don’t – you could find all manner of problems arise. Think furniture, drapes and carpet taking on the smell of the smoke, rooms becoming dense with smoky fog, and smoke alarms being set off inadvertently. Opening windows may be sufficient, particularly if you have fans blowing out, but you’re better off hosting the party outdoors.

host a hookah party

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Have fun, but be responsible

If you have an ample yard to host your hookah party at home, be sure to run it by your neighbours first. It’s best to warn people that there will be some loud music playing, so that they can be prepared if that is going to be an intrusive thing for them. You also need to plan for where your hookah will come from, and which tobaccos you need to stock up on.

It goes without saying that the very best ingredients come from Mumbai, but if you aren’t up to making the trip there yourself there are other options. Your best bet is to find a quality hookah or shisha store, and then choose the things that will suit you and your guests perfectly. If you are experienced in hookah culture, then you will know what you like.

Going to great shisha bars and festivals is brilliant, but when you host a hookah party from home you and your friends can enjoy shisha exactly the way you like to. It's important to take into consideration whether your home really is suitable to host a hookah party: if it is, then you can make the entire experience unique and fun for everyone.

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