'Ghost' Threw Shisha

The spooky footage of a ghost, hurling shisha pipe in an abandoned hookah bar, is being investigated in Moscow. You can clearly see the movement of shisha bar's curtains and chair after staff left for the night. Moreover, the ghost dragged a shisha pipe to the edge of the table before throwing it to the ground with great force.
Vyacheslav, the terrified waiter of a shisha bar, told local media: "I sometimes hear a knocking on the door when nobody is around. There are strange noises all the time and sometimes the lights go on and off for no reason."
ghost hurling shisha, shisha pipe, ghost hurling shisha
The shisha bar owner called Laboratoriya Nepozannogo also known as the lab of an unknown, the Russian version of real-life ghostbusters, for the investigation of this weird incident.

Ghost Hurling Shisha is Attracted to Waiter

Ghostbusters conducted spooky psychometric tests and detected substantial magnetic readings inside the bar. After careful analysis, scientists concluded that suspected ghost might be intrigued by waiter Vyacheslav's visible "low spirit".
ghost hurling shisha, shisha pipe, ghost hurling shisha
On the other hand, police have an entirely different point of view of the incident taken place at the bar. Police believe that it was a break in and the camera didn't catch the perpetrators due to a technical reason.

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Ghost Hurling Shisha Caught on Camera in a Russian Bar