Four reasons Why People use Shisha when on a Diet

Four reasons Why People use Shisha when on a Diet

Four reasons Why People use Shisha when on a Diet

There are many reasons why people smoke shisha. You may or may not be surprised to learn that many people use it because they want to remain fit and healthy. But how is that possible? Well, it just so happens that it’s actually quite helpful to smoke shisha when on a diet. Here are four reasons why.


Seriously, how many social occasions can you think of that aren’t full of calories? A trip to the cinema features sugary drinks, a romantic meal features fatty desserts and a night out with your pals usually includes alcohol. These, of course, aren’t great for keeping you slim. Meanwhile, hookah is. It’s calorie-free so you can’t go wrong with smoking shisha when on a diet.


It’s easy to become agitated when on a diet. After all, it can feel like you’re suffering when you have to force yourself to steer clear of your favourite things. This irritability can lead to you becoming wound-up and snappy – two things that won’t make you a nice person to be around. Luckily hookah can reverse these feelings because it’s designed to help its users relax.


Everyone knows that a diet wouldn’t be complete without regular exercise. Depending on what you do, you’re likely to have an elevated heart rate and feel stimulated after a spot of physical activity. Thankfully you can enjoy some downtime with the help of hookah. A few puffs on the shisha pipe will go some length to lowering your heart rate and making you feel like yourself again.


Shisha typically contains nicotine, which is a known appetite suppressant. There’s not enough to have you skipping meals, but the bit that there is should strengthen your willpower to avoid snacking when you shouldn’t be. This can make all the difference when you’re prone to overeating.

Try it!

If you’ve been hitting the gym, steering clear of alcohol and tucking into healthy food, then you might be missing a trick by not using hookah in your mission to get fit. If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of shisha when on a diet, whether it's pipes, charcoal, or a range of shisha flavours you need, you're sure to find everything at The Shisha Shop. We've got what you need, from complete sets and bundle packs to separate accessories.  This includes components such as shisha pipes, Shisha Hoses, Shisha flavours and handy Shisha accessories like mouth tips. We also stock a vast range of tobacco products, including tar and nicotine free options!


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