Favourite songs to listen to whilst smoking shisha

Favourite songs to listen to whilst smoking shisha

Shisha is all about options. You choose when you smoke it, you choose what flavour, you choose who with – and you certainly choose the music that’s in the background. It’s fair to say that your hookah experience can be heightened by the songs you have playing on your playlist; it just depends what kind of experience you’re looking for.  With this in mind, here are four of our favourite songs to listen to whilst smoking shisha:

1. Bob Marley – One Love

favourite songs to listen to whilst smoking shisha
Hookah can leave its users feeling chilled out and relaxed. Therefore, you might want to listen to a song that matches how you’re feeling. There is, of course, no artist more laid back and carefree than Bob Marley. The late singer’s One Love track should certainly help you further unwind as you enjoy the hookah.

2. A R Rahman - Jai Ho

Shisha’s origin can be traced back to India. Due to this, you might feel like you’re getting a more authentic hookah experience if you listen to a song from India. A R Rahman’s Jai Ho should do just the trick - and it should also sound familiar because it was used on the soundtrack for Slumdog Millionaire.

3. Bee Gees – Night Fever

A few puffs on a hookah could leave your room looking amazingly cloudy and create a quality vibe. Therefore, why not run with this theme and try to recreate the smoky clubs of the 1970s? A big hit like Night Fever by the Bee Gees could have you feeling like you’ve stepped back in time.

4. Pachelbel - Canon in D major

There aren’t many occasions when classical musical makes the playlist these days. However, instrumental tracks can be really appropriate when you’re smoking shisha and holding an in-depth conversation with someone. After all, hookah is great for socialising! Pachelbel’s Canon in D major is a good choice because it’s well-known and laid back.


These four favourite songs to listen to whilst smoking shisha would all be suitable additions to your shisha playlist. While it might be best to alternate between them depending on the mood, you should find that all serve their purpose and can contribute to the fun that surrounds staying in with hookah.
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