The 4 Best Shisha Venues in Liverpool

Are you visiting friends in Liverpool or simply passing through Merseyside and in search of socialising and a great night out? It's worth knowing exactly where the best shisha pipe Liverpool has to offer can be found, and where the atmosphere and vibe will give you the best experience. Here are our best picks for a long weekend to remember in Liverpool!


Modo in Liverpool's Concert Square has an impressive cocktail menu and also the flexibility of private VIP lounges where you can truly relax and enjoy some sweet smoke away from the crowds. It's an extremely popular venue on a Friday or Saturday night. You can book a private booth and have celebratory bottles brought directly to your side if it's a special occasion and that sounds like true luxury. Don't leave without trying the locals' favourite, their frozen cocktails - you won't regret it.

Flavours Shisha Lounge

Located on London Road, this stylish venue deserves a place on this list as some of the most flavoursome shisha pipe Liverpool provides. If variety is important to you, you'll love their wide selection which includes a flavour named 'Paradise' and the food and drink options are just as creative. It's hard to imagine leaving this place without something to satisfy you.

Avesta Restaurant Cafe

This cafe with bar and grill can be found in Liverpool's L3 and boasts temptingly good Middle Eastern food that could persuade any traveller to enter. You'll enjoy the calm surroundings, good customer service and of course excellent shisha on offer.

The Dejavooo Lounge

Head to L7 for something special in the form of this charming lounge. This is a venue that truly understands the shisha pipe Liverpool experience and is well known for its setting and desserts too. The emphasis is on tranquillity while you enjoy a smoke and tuck into the best of Eastern cuisine. Be sure to check out the chicken bhoti.

Shisha Pipe Liverpool

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