Five and a half shisha london flavours to try before you die

Shisha LondonSmoking shisha is not as simple as first timers might think. It’s like going to a cocktail bar and seeing all of the different drinks that are on offer. Each person might have their individual preferences yet, like mojitos and sex on the beach, certain flavours seem to be universal in their popularity. No matter where you’re smoking or who you’re with, you’ll see people ordering shisha London wide, and there has to be some reason for this.
So, to help you make the right choice the next time you’re choosing your shisha, here are five flavours that we recommend you try…

1. Apple

Like the fruit it takes its flavour from, apple shisha london style has a real tang to it. Its distinctive notes can be tasted amongst any combination, and it’s ideal for those in search of a fresh yet sharp savour to their shisha london experience.

2. Mint

Mint can be mixed with almost every flavour around, and this makes it perfect for blending. With its cool finish and strength of taste, it is refreshing, stimulating, and delicious. If you haven’t gotten around to giving it a try yet, it should definitely be the next choice on your list.

3. Banana

For something a little fruitier, try adding banana to the mix. Flavoursome without being overpowering, it offers a pleasant yet subtle taste. Smoke it with friends for maximum enjoyment.

4. Vanilla

Those with a sweet tooth should also give vanilla a try. The perfect accompaniment to most blends, it adds a soft and subtle undertone that is quite simply delicious. We recommend mixing it with raspberry for a cocktail that is utterly sublime.

5. Blackberry

If you have a weakness for stronger flavours, you should give blackberry a go. It blends particularly well with apple, combining two strong, sharp yet sweet tastes to make an infusion so good that you’ll order it again and again.

½. Ambrosia

It’s not exactly a flavour, but for a pre-mixed blend, we also recommend trying ambrosia. Based on a combination of the flowers found in the fruit salad of the same name, it provides a sweet citrus flavour that will leave you hungering for another taste.
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