Dubai International gets pop-up shisha lounge

Dubai International gets pop-up shisha lounge

Anyone who’s ever been on an aeroplane knows quite how stressful flying can be. Whether it’s the seemingly endless traffic jams on the way to the airport, being frisked at the gate, or even realising you’ve forgotten your passport, airports are hardly the most relaxing places to begin your holiday or business trip. Indeed, many of us may well begin to wish we called it off and relaxed in a shisha lounge instead!

Pop-up shisha lounge

Shisha Lounge
For lucky passengers in Dubai International Airport, that dream is about to become reality with a pop-up shisha lounge. Weary travellers can kick-back in sumptuous leather chairs, unwinding into the holiday spirit by smoking only the finest shisha. Suddenly, that taxi driver’s non-existent map reading skills don’t seem so exasperating after all!
The lounge features in the bustling Concourse D, an area that sees thousands of different passengers pass through every hour. In such a hectic atmosphere, you may wonder quite how easy it would be to relax. But you haven’t seen the lounge yet. Boasting two reclining chairs, of the variety found only in first class on the most premium of aircraft, this pop-up shisha lounge is designed to create your own personal cocoon of indulgent luxury


Mazaya brand manager Rawan Elayan had this to say of the experience: “Shisha is very on-trend in many European and American locations which gave this activation a really positive vibe. Sharing the souvenir photo gets more people to engage with the brand and ties into the all-important sense of place in the airport. We are so pleased with the results that we are already in discussion with other airports who like the idea of a Mazaya Shisha pop-up.”
With curved screens offering smokers privacy and a chance for contemplation; Users can enjoy a kaleidoscopic and immersive journey into the world of shisha. With a contrasting selection of hookah pipes to choose from, as well a captivating range of flavours, the only worry is some people may find themselves realising they’ve ‘accidentally’ missed their flight!


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