Is It Dangerous to Smoke Shisha?

Is It Dangerous to Smoke Shisha?

Let’s be frank here, smoking is smoking and anything that you inhale that contains particulates that shouldn't be in your lungs is likely not to be very healthy, however people have been smoking for years and many get a huge amount of pleasure out of it.
The good thing about most shisha is that it is free from all the toxins that are regularly found in normal tobacco that you get in cigarettes. Also, it comes in many flavours that adds to the experience, you’re not just tasting a load of second hand smoke.

However, as with all things, moderation is the key and certainly, like chain smoking, constantly puffing on a hookah pipe is going to come with its own dangers. Let’s explain why and what you can do to ensure your smoking experience is a good one.

World Health Organisation Report

Rumours from many in the industry would have you believe that because the smoke is filtered through that nice ornate jar full of water, it loses all its toxins. This is not the case, toxins that can cause serious diseases are still in the smoke when it reaches your mouth.
According to the WHO, some nicotine is filtered out but there’s still plenty enough for people to get addicted. The same report also pointed out that in a single session of shisha smoking it’s possible to take in as much nicotine as a packet of cigarettes and therefore are exposed to the same risks.

So why smoke shisha?

Although there are a lot of obvious health reasons not to smoke, one of the most compelling reasons to smoke shisha is the relaxation people feel. The experience of shisha can be extremely calming and this is why most people try it in the first place.
There’s also the social aspect of smoking. The world of shisha has expanded massively in the last few years having originated in the Middle East and you can find shisha cafes and bars in many British High Streets.
During the summer, the incredible aromas of the shisha can draw people in and you’ll very often see friends get together around the common love of a shisha and so there are obvious social benefits when enjoyed responsibly.

So, back to our original question – is it dangerous?

Well, in our opinion and as smokers ourselves we understand that there are risks involved and believe people who smoke shisha should be aware of those risks. However, we also understand that people should be able to make their own minds up about whether they want to smoke or not.
We believe that whatever you do has risks and it’s everybody’s responsibility to decide on those risks and act accordingly.
If you do want to smoke shisha, we think you should bear the following in mind:
  • Never inconvenience others with your smoke. It’s your decision to smoke and others might not appreciate having to inhale your second hand fumes. Always smoke responsibly and never around children.
  • Limit your smoking. There’s no ‘safe’ limit to how much you can smoke or how often, but the more you smoke shisha the more danger you are putting yourselves in.
  • If you feel ill, have a persistent cough or in any way think there might be something wrong, cease smoking and see a medical professional straight away!
Please, smoke shisha responsibly, enjoy your shisha and let us know what you think!
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