Today is World Human Spirit day, and I guess you've never heard of it, but it's a day of celebration, hope and understanding that what we know about our world is limited and superficial.
We all crave after the latest "stuff" and want the best in life, even if that's a bigger screen or faster car, and really, is it necessary?
Can I suggest that when you get home tonight, you jump off the treadmill and relax? Grab your favourite flavour and get your hookah pipe ready for 8 pm, when everyone is encouraged to take just two minutes to contemplate their life.
Be thankful for what you have, understand the needs of others, including family and neighbours and think about those you've lost.
We live in a world where people are constantly trying to impose their will on others, and us in the shisha smoking community get it more than most. We need to share the world we live in and if that means you want to smoke a hookah, then so be it!
We can also consider those who have helped foster a world where we are free to enjoy freedoms, especially the Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno. Let me tell you a bit about him...
Bruno was actually born "Filippo Bruno" in 1548, and it turns out he was quite the thinker.
Remember that at the time, the Catholic doctrines were pretty strict, but Bruno was quite outspoken in his views that stars were just distant suns, that they probably had planets around them and they might have life on them.
For his foresight, he ended up being found guilty by the Inquisition and they had him burned at the stake.
Great eh?
So, enjoy your two minutes tonight, enjoy your shisha, and remember that without people like this in the world, we probably wouldn't be able to smoke it anywhere!