The Best Venues to Enjoy Shisha in Belfast

The Best Venues to Enjoy Shisha in Belfast

Shisha in Belfast
If you're visiting Belfast, you'll want to take in all the sites of this amazing city. If you love shisha, then you'll find that Belfast has plenty to offer on that front too. Here are a few of our favourite places to enjoy shisha in Belfast.

Sophia Restaurant

Sophia describes its cuisine as 'Egyptian Style Middle Eastern and European Cuisines' which gives you an idea of the range of tastes and flavours on the menu. A Bring Your Own (BYO) venue, you're welcome to bring along a bottle or two to enjoy with your meal and, of course, to enjoy shisha during your visit. Located at 23 University Road, Sophia has an exotic feel with a heavy Egyptian influence on the decoration.
They offer 10 flavours of shisha on their menu and limit to two people and one hour, but whether you are looking for a fruity blend or the more cosmopolitan cappuccino, there should be something on the menu for you. Shisha is served in their outdoor 'Shisha Garden' which customers describe as a great place to relax for a few hours.

The Shisha Lounge

At 211 Lisburn Road, Belfast, the Shisha Lounge has a great reputation amongst visitors. Offering shisha alongside small plate meals, you can bring along your own alcohol to enjoy along with your pipe if you choose. The Shisha Lounge often offers live music nights, but always brings with it a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy the flavours as you chill out with friends, and has been described by some as a hidden gem.

Miss Morans

If you are looking to restock your own shisha supplies, then Miss Morans' is the Belfast Tobacconist who can help you out - although they do only sell products that contain tobacco. If you wish to purchase fruit or flavoured shisha which does not contain tobacco, then you would need to do so online. Otherwise, Miss Moran's customer service is described as excellent and the shop itself like stepping back in time.
Shisha in Belfast is harder to find than in some cities, but this beloved pastime does exist. If you're visiting the city, be sure to check out these venues.
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